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5 Common Mistakes Made By Cat Owners
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8 June 2021

5 Common Mistakes Made By Cat Owners

Providing a happy and healthy life for your pet is a goal for most people who have an animal as part of their family. Naturally, you want to do all you can to ensure they have everything they need. When it comes to cats, they can be well adept at covering up signs they're not feeling well, making it more difficult for their owners to notice there's something going on.

However, despite this tendency, there are some common mistakes you can avoid as a way to ensure your cat is healthy!


1) Not seeking regular vet care

The general consensus is that cats don't require regular visits to the vet. Cats outnumber dogs as household pets, however, on average they visit the vet less often. Cats are very much masters of disguise; when ill, their early symptoms are often subtle and hard to notice in comparison to their canine friends, who tend to display their symptoms much more obviously.

Additionally, the hassle of getting a cat to the vet influences how often they visit. Conditioning your cat to their carrier is the best way to overcome the difficulties involved in getting them to the vet. If this is an issue, discuss how to adjust your cat to the carrier with one of our veterinarians.


2) Overfeeding

One of the most common health issues facing cats involves their weight. Over 50% of cats are overweight or obese, both of which put them at serious risk for a variety of preventable health problems and can unnecessarily shorten their lifespan.

Cats generally don't need as much food as some imagine, particularly if they're an indoors only cat. Maintaining a healthy weight can be managed with the help of your veterinarian.

Regular check ups ensure your cat's weight is monitored properly and adjustments can be made to their diets before the issue becomes serious.


3) Assuming frequent hairballs are always normal

While a hairball every now and then is not unusual or a cause for any alarm, frequent hairballs, especially when accompanied by bouts of vomiting, coughing or gagging, could mean your cat is suffering from an underlying issue.

Cats with these symptoms can be suffering from several issues such as gastrointestinal disease, anxiety, allergies or skin disease.

If your cat is coughing up hairballs, it could be indicating something more sinister is going on and that a trip to the vet to have a check-up is worthwhile.


4) Not considering their dental health

Your cat's dental health is incredibly important - most cats over the age of 3 are already showing evidence of dental disease.

Regular brushing of your cat's teeth and conditioning them from a young age to tolerate brushing can help you avoid dental disease and other issues with their teeth and oral health.

If you're unable to brush your cat's teeth, check in with your local veterinarian for help and to discuss any other options that can be provided to help keep your cat's mouth healthy and pain-free.


5) Ignoring flea and parasite care

It's a common mistake that cats don't need flea, tick and parasite control, especially if they're indoor cats. Though it's easy to think that these aren't concerns for indoor cats, unfortunately, pesky fleas and parasites can travel into your home. They are able to survive on human clothes, fit through tiny holes in screens and doors or travel inside on a dog that may spend time outside.

Mosquitoes can also put your cat at risk of exposure to heartworms. Parasite prevention is key to avoiding any complicated problems. Ensuring your cat is receiving parasite prevention will keep them safe and free of any health risks.

Highfields Vet Surgery services Highfields and surrounding Toowoomba pets to help animals feel their best.  If you're concerned about your cat or want to have any of the aforementioned routine health checks done for your cat, contact our veterinary clinic on (07) 4630 8399 or by booking a consultation appointment online here.


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