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Veterinary General Checkup & Consultation

General Health and Wellbeing Checkups for Highfields and Toowoomba Pets

Like humans, pets need routine checkups to help maintain their health.

Small animals like cats and dogs can hide symptoms and pain, which makes it difficult to notice early warning signs of health deterioration. That’s why we recommend that pet owners establish regular veterinary checkups for their pets, to catch early warning signs and to help prevent adverse health issues. 

For smaller animals, every 12 months is the recommended minimum, and for older pets, we recommend a veterinary consultation or general checkup twice a year at a veterinary clinic.


Each veterinary consultation with your pet will begin with a discussion to talk about your pet. If you have noticed any unusual symptoms of behavioural changes, you can ask us and we can help assess your pet. Some things you may discuss in your consultation include:

  • symptoms you may have noticed at home

  • behavioural changes

  • pet eating habits

  • disrupted routines

This discussion can help us to better understand your pet, giving us insights we can't see from a physical examination.

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Physical examination

As well as your pet’s behaviour, their body is an indicator of health. Your veterinarian will give your pet a thorough physical examination, checking your pet’s:

  • weight

  • coat or fur

  • dental health

  • sensories (eyes, nose, ears)

  • paws and claws

Pets can be very good at hiding pain or discomfort. A physical examination can help your vet to get a clear understanding of your pet's health.


During your checkup, your vet may recommend further tests to diagnose any potential problems, like blood tests, x-rays (radiography), ultrasounds, endoscopies, and more, to check your pet's health. They may also:

  • provide dietary advice for your pet (food recommendations, portion sizes, or allergies)

  • provide behavioural recommendations

  • provide internal and external parasite control

  • recommend or prescribe treatment or medication

Your veterinarian may also recommend a follow-up appointment to see how your pet is progressing over time or with treatments.

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