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Meet the team at Highfields Vet Surgery in Toowoomba


At Highfields Vet Surgery, we believe culture drives everything, and our small team is committed to providing exceptional health care for your family pets. We tailor everything around this vision, and we love working together to make it a reality.

Andrew Brown, Business Manager at Highfields Vet Surgery in Toowoomba

Andrew Brown

Business Manager

With a strong background in the agriculture sector, specifically animal production both in premium wool, beef and prime lambs, Andrew has a direct correlation with the veterinary business due to his animal husbandry skillsets and understanding of the need for healthy and well maintained animals. "I have always had a strong connection with animals be it the reliance and relationship with working kelpies, mustering stock on horse back, or ensuring that the worming and vaccination program for the various animal enterprises is managed and timely executed." Andrew graduated from the University of Sydney in 1997 with a Bachelor of Management, before extending his studies and career in business management. Having a multifaceted career across various primary industries, Andrew is dedicated to improving the quality of the veterinary service to ensure best practice delivery exceeds customer expectations.

Dr Amanda Siddins, Senior Veterinarian at Highfields Vet Surgery in Toowoomba

Dr Amanda Siddins

BVSc (hons) | Senior Veterinarian

Amanda spent her childhood and some adulthood on a mixed farming property north of St. George. It was here she developed a desire to work with animals. After graduating from the University of Queensland in 2005, Amanda worked as a mixed practice veterinarian in Moree NSW. From here, she travelled to Cairns QLD and worked in a very busy small animal practice. In Cairns, she learned a varied background into companion animal medicine and surgery with little chance to refer cases. While the tropics were a fabulous place to live and enjoy fishing, home called her back, and she returned to the Darling Downs. Amanda joined Highfields Veterinary Surgery in 2016 as a locum. She enjoys general practice and strives to give your pets the best care possible. She is also a registered Pembroke Welsh Corgi breeder!

Dr Jillian Lok, Associate Veterinarian at Highfields Vet Surgery in Toowoomba

Dr Jillian Lok

BVSc (Hons) | Associate Veterinarian

Having graduated in 2013 from the University of Queensland, Jillian's interests lie in small animal surgery, particularly in soft tissue surgery. A talented surgeon with an incredible eye for detail and a precise hand, many animals who have been on Jillian's operating table rarely show any signs of so much as an incision. Jillian also specialises in post-operative care to ensure seamless procedures and quick recovery giving clients peace of mind. Jillian aims further to enhance her surgical skills and more advanced orthopaedic surgeries and has completed her membership in Surgery. Outside of work, Jillian has several furry felines that need regular grooming and take up her attention, in between chapters of a good novel.

Dr Jake Lin, Veterinarian at Highfields Vet Surgery in Toowoomba

Dr Jake Lin

BVSc (Hons) BAppSc (Plant Sciences) | Veterinarian

Jake specialises in animal behaviour dealing with separation anxiety, reactivity, and obsessive-compulsive behaviours. His philosophy is about using minimal but effective restraint and pre-emptive calming drugs to assists in managing patients in the clinic to reduce fear and anxiety, leading to a more positive experience for the patient. Jake is also an experienced military police dog handler and trainer. Jake enjoys being around his pet pooches, training and spending many hours having games and being entertained by their individual personalities.

Dr Ashleigh Moon, Veterinarian at Highfields Vet Surgery in Toowoomba

Dr Ashleigh Moon

BVSc (Hons) | Veterinarian

Having graduated in 2019, Ashleigh is in her first year of vet practice and is enjoying the challenge of the role immensely, and grateful for the support and guidance of an experienced team of vets. Ashleigh is a warm, friendly, and outgoing vet who takes pride in her work, and especially caring for pets. She is passionate about dental health and is specialising in dentistry. Outside of work, Ashleigh loves to cook and bake yummy delights, hence it is no surprise to see gourmet finger food at morning tea breaks.

Georgia Stenzel, Head Nurse at Highfields Vet Surgery in Toowoomba

Georgia Stenzel

Head Nurse

Georgia joined the HVS team in October 2020 and brings with her almost a decade of experience in both General Practice, Emergency Critical Care and Specialist Surgery. She completed her studies in Vet Nursing in 2016 and has continued to expand her knowledge and skill sets across many areas of the veterinary industry. She has travelled extensively across Australia gaining a diversified portfolio of experience, knowledge and wisdom which she shares amongst our HVS team. She is very passionate about the industry ensuring customers and patients receive exceptional service and care, and treats each patient as her own pet.

In her spare time, Georgia and her husband Dave enjoy spending time with their furry family, Hank, Ronnie, Forest and Winnie and her not so furry family, their pet snakes Happiness and Cyanide.

Charissa Collins, Vet Nurse at Highfields Vet Surgery in Toowoomba

Charissa Collins

Vet Nurse

With more than three years of experience with us here at Highfields Vet Surgery, it is easy to see that 'Riss' is a self-starter and extremely passionate about her work. While Riss is a 'people person,' her real passion is caring for people's pets and ensuring an exceptional level of care is taken with every patient. With an infectious laugh and a gorgeous smile, Riss creates a vibrant mood throughout the clinic which puts a smile on everyone's face. Zohan, the photo friendly Cavalier Pooch, who adores cuddles and lots of pampering, is a very much loved family pet and frequently attends the vet practice to check on the staff and beg for a tasty Pigs Ear.

Brianna Miller, Vet Nurse at Highfields Vet Surgery in Toowoomba

Brianna Miller

Vet Nurse

Brianna joined the HVS team in September 2020, having completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing over 6 years ago. She brings to the team a broad range of knowledge and experience both in General Practice and Emergency / Critical Care. She has recently moved from the Gold Coast to Toowoomba to build a house with her partner and hopefully start a fur family shortly. In her spare time, she enjoys socialising with family and friend as well as travelling, when she can.

Brittany Berthelsen, Vet Nurse & Customer Care at Highfields Vet Surgery in Toowoomba

Brittany Berthelsen

Vet Nurse & Customer Care

Brittany, having graduated from the University of Queensland with a Certificate IV in Vet Nursing and a Bachelor of Veterinary Technology, she brings a great deal of knowledge and experience to our veterinary clinic. She combines her wealth of knowledge and practical experience to deliver an exceptional standard of care and service to all our new and loyal customers. Having worked across our region with well established Veterinary Clinics, both in General Practice, Emergency Surgery and Critical Care, Brittany enjoys the variety that each day brings to HVS. In her down time, Brittany makes most of her time enjoying the farming life, mustering cattle and helping around the place. And of course... shopping is a must for Brittany

Annaleys Bennett, Vet Nurse & Customer Care at Highfields Vet Surgery in Toowoomba

Annaleys Bennett

Vet Nurse & Customer Care

Currently completing the last couple of years of her veterinary degree at the University of Queensland, Annaleys joined our team in February 2020 as a Vet Nurse. Having grown up on a horse property locally, she enjoys applying her passion for animals, practical knowledge and bubbly personality to provide an honest, helpful service to her local community. Annaleys is dedicated to continually improving and delivering the highest-level care to the animals within our clinic. At home, she spends her time caring for her dogs Caprice and Lilly, cat Myla and a funny miniature goat named Akio! Despite her background in the horse world, Annaleys has a special interest in many of the exotic animals of our planet- those great and small!

Sarah Green, Customer Care Officer at Highfields Vet Surgery in Toowoomba

Sarah Green

Customer Care Officer

Growing up in Meringandan, Sarah was exposed to a large variety of animals before moving into town, and has always had a love for animals. Sarah gained a Certificate II in both Agricultural and Rural Operations throughout school and worked on a beef cattle property for nearly 8 years whilst also obtaining work experience at a veterinary clinic in Toowoomba. Additionally, Sarah began training as a dog groomer in 2015 and then became a registered breeder with Dogs QLD in 2019. Her pack consists of her 5 dogs who are all beautiful Samoyeds and regularly visit the clinic to entertain the staff and provide fluffy cuddles.

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