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Pet Dental Services

Small animal dentistry for pets in Highfields and around Toowoomba

Dental health is important to both dogs and cats with up to 80% of dogs and 70% of pets being affected by dental or gum disease. 

Our pet dentistry services operate for both the treatment and prevention of dental health problems. With services operated from within our Highfields clinic, we help pet owners around the area maintain a high standard of oral health in dogs and cats with dental check-ups, teeth cleaning, descaling and more.

Dental check-ups and health assessments

Regular check-ups improve the overall well-being of your pet. Clinical signs to look for in a dog or cat's mouth include:

  • constant bad breath
  • build-up of plaque and tartar
  • discolouration of gums (often reddened)
  • difficulty chewing
  • excessive salivation

We recommend pet owners regularly check their pet’s teeth at home along with routine cleaning. Regular veterinary dental checks every six to 12 months are important to help detect the most subtle signs of dental disease. 

Animal Dentistry in Toowoomba | Highfields Vet Surgery
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Dental cleaning and descaling

A pet dental scale and polish for dogs and cats can take time and may require pets to undergo a short anaesthetic. The procedure will involve:

  • thorough mouth examination

  • cleaning of plaque and tartar from your pet’s teeth using an ultrasonic cleaner

  • if need be, the extraction of severely infected, damaged, or loose teeth

Ensuring teeth are clean and strong can prevent serious dental health problems and diseases as well as problems that can result from poor oral health such as dental disease, endodontic disease, and further health complications.

Dental care for dogs and cats at home

Pet owners can reduce the risk of dental disease and other oral health-related issues in dogs and cats with home care and cleaning routines. 

After your pet’s dental health assessment, your veterinarian may provide:

  • an at-home care regime

  • advice for dental products for dogs or cats (brushes, cleaning gels, and dental treats)

  • dietary recommendations to help your dog or cat’s teeth stay strong and healthy

Animal Dentistry in Toowoomba | Highfields Vet Surgery
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